2018 Scholarship Winner!

The Vancouver USA Singers Award 2018 Scholarship to Olivia Alfson

Olivia Alfson, 2018 Scholarship Winner

Olivia Alfson, 2018 Scholarship Winner

Vancouver native and daughter of Christopher and Rachel Alfson, Olivia Alfson has been named the 2018 Vancouver USA Singers Youth Scholarship Winner. She, along with her amazing accompanist Joel Thoreson, will be appearing at the VUSAS June concerts, singing “Burn” from Hamilton.

Olivia, a senior at Evergreen High School, has been involved with the arts for most of her life, and has recently decided to make her career teaching and making music. In 2016, she began private vocal lessons with one of her biggest supporters, Laura Beckel Thoreson. Mrs. Thoreson has assisted and encouraged Olivia to expand her vocal range as well as vocal technique and dramatic abilities.

In 2017 Olivia asked Mrs. Thoreson if she would be able to sing “Burn”, Mrs. Thoreson made Olivia work towards performing this piece by improving her vocal techniques and improving her classical capabilities before being able to perform “Burn”. Ms. Alfson has worked on “Burn” for a year before letting the public see her interpretation of this song, she is proud and excited of her work and wants everyone to be able to see this performance.

Recent musical accomplishments include being awarded President of Evergreen Choirs, serving as director of Evergreens select women’s ensemble group, and placing 3rd in the Musical Theater NATS Competition.This spring, she will play the title role in Evergreen’s musical, “Mary Poppins”. She has been accepted into Portland State University School of Music, where she plans to major in Music Education and minor in Vocal Performance. Olivia’s biggest joy in being involved in the arts is allowing her audience to feel the emotions she portrays. She is ecstatic to further share the beauty of music with her community.